US Women's Sled Hockey Team

Hope Bevilhymer

Born: 1976
Number: 30
Position: Goalie 
Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

“Anything and everything is possible.”

The first 26 years of her life were spent staring at four hospital walls. She never went to prom, she never played sports. After 30 surgeries, she is left with a partial amputation of her right leg.

Hope Bevilhymer was born with bilateral clubbed feet, meaning her right foot was upside down and turned backwards. Before she was 26 years old she had 29 surgeries, making number 30 the amputation. Since she wasn’t able to experience certain things growing up, it is now her goal to now experience as much as she can, whether it’s playing sled hockey, softball, the drums or motivational speaking.

Bevilhymer started playing sled hockey when she was 21 years old. In 2009 she tried out for the men’s national team and since women were not allowed to play, she quit. When the USA women’s team asked her to try out, her first thought was, “Absolutely not.” After being convinced to try out, she turned to the community for help with gathering equipment for last year’s tryouts. This is now her second season with the USA Women’s team.

Although women’s sled hockey is not yet a recognized sport by the paralympics, it has been Bevilhymer’s goal since she was 21 years old to win a gold medal. Fortunately, women’s sled hockey has their bid in to become a recognized sport by the paralympics for the 2022 games.

“I’m 41 now by the time I get to the paralympics I’ll be 45,” Bevilhymer said. “That’s a long time to hold on to a goal. But I’m gonna go and get that gold. When I stand on that podium it’s going to be the greatest day of my life.”

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A hero for life building hope

Hope Bevilhymer