US Women's Sled Hockey Team

Karina Villegas

Born: 1974
Number: 24
Position: Forward
Hometown: Sebastian, FL

“Look for the brighter side.”

Karina Villegas learned about sled hockey after taking her daughter to an ice hockey rink. She saw how fun the sport looked, and she decided to learn more about it. She eventually discovered the USA sled hockey development camp. She attended the USA sled hockey camp, but did not make the USA team her first year. However, she did qualify for the development team and played for them that year. The following year, she tried out for the USA team again and made it.

“I love being on the ice,” says Villegas. “Having the privilege of being on the ice is an opportunity that not many people have.”

Villegas is very thankful for her fellow teammates. She says, “We are all for each other. We all encourage each other to be better and to be comfortable with ourselves.” Villegas compares her team members to family members. “They are friends for life. They are family.”

“The family principle is important to playing,” said Villegas. “If you are not close together outside the rink, you don’t know each other on the ice.”

Karina encourages everyone to be optimistic. “Look for the brighter side,” she says. Villegas says that there are many people who are afraid of things because of the fear of being different than everyone else. She says to trust your gut and, “Just listen to your inner self.”

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Karina Villegas