US Women's Sled Hockey Team

Kelli Anne Stallkamp

Born: 2000
Number: 18
Position: Defense
Hometown: Lima, OH

“On the ice, you have to get back up and brush yourself off and prepare for the next shift. You can translate that into everyday life because you just have to keep moving on until the next day.”

Though she is only 18 years old and was born with spina bifida, Kelli Stallkamp has a long history of being active in sports. She has participated in swimming and wheelchair tennis, and she has been playing hockey since 2011, where she started on an all-boys junior sled hockey team. She then joined the USA women’s team in January of 2017, when she was only 17 years old. Stallkamp decided to start playing hockey after hearing about it from one of her doctors at the children’s hospital where she receives her annual checkups. She was also has encouraged her friends on her local tennis team to play join the hockey team.

“Some of the people on my hockey team are actually on my tennis team as well, so we are really close with each other. I was hesitant at first about joining hockey, but with my parents support and my friends who just kept on pushing me and asking me to do it, so I finally tried it out and I loved it,” said Stallkamp.

Stallkamp somehow manages her busy schedule of training, playing hockey games, and being homeschooled all at the same time. The most difficult part of the sport for her is training for the games, which includes daily meetings with a personal trainer to work on her upper body and core strength.

“The hardest part is training and trying to be perfect every day, but the thought of going to the Paralympics keeps driving me to push myself to be better,” says Stallkamp.

Though Stallkamp loves hitting and playing defense, her favorite part of the sport is playing with her teammates on the ice. “This team means everything to me,” Stallkamp explained. “They’re like my sisters. We just know each other and get along really well. Playing hockey has changed my life.”

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