US Women's Sled Hockey Team

Madison Eberhard

Born: 2002
Number: 5
Position: Forward
Hometown: Buffalo, NY

“Most people think that [when you have a disability,] you can’t do sports or have a job or have a family. Our team proves all of those things wrong.”

Madison Eberhard grew up watching and wanting to play hockey. She was unable to play stand-up hockey because skating was not as easy for her. At a fundraiser game, Eberhard was introduced to sled hockey. Once she got on the ice, she fell in love with the sport.

Eberhard began playing sled hockey when she was around 7 to 8 years old. Before sled hockey, she played softball, baseball and archery. However, she wanted to play a contact sport for the more physical sport. Sled hockey provided everything she wanted in a sport.

Not only does Eberhard play for the USA Women’s sled hockey team, but she also has to balance friends, family, and high school in her everyday life. Even though she may be extremely busy from school to sports, she still manages to balance her life.

Even with a physical disability, Eberhard does not let that bring her down. “Saying you cannot do something because of your physical disability is just holding yourself back,” said Eberhard. “It is important to look at life in a positive perspective.”

“I’m living my life and you’re living yours,” Eberhard said. “We’re [all] faced with different obstacles in our life. I’m just trying to work around [mine] so they’re not bringing me down.”

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Madison Eberhard