US Women's Sled Hockey Team

Rachel Grusse

Born: 1992
Number: 4
Position: Forward
Hometown: Glastonbury, CT

“If you are struggling to fit in, it is important to just understand that you can find things that can make you happy no matter what. If you find people that also enjoy those things, it is such a great feeling.”

Rachel Grusse, 25, is a forward for the USA Women’s Sled Hockey Team. She was born without a spleen and got a bacterial infection when she was about sixteen months old. Doctors told her that they would have to amputate her legs and her fingertips to help prevent the infection from spreading to the rest of her body. Though Grusse was born disabled, it did not keep her from having an active life. She played many adaptive sports, including swimming and wheelchair basketball, before she finally found out about sled hockey. “A friend of mine who I played wheelchair basketball with suggested that I should do sled hockey, and she thought that I would enjoy it.” The head coach of the hockey team invited her to a couple of other games that same year. Grusse tried out the following year she made the team. “Five years ago that she would be playing sled hockey. I like hockey because I love the team-oriented part of the sport. I love having teammates. I really enjoy the competitive nature of it because it is really strategic.” Grusse found many role models while being on the team. When she started playing she looked up to almost every girl on this team at one point or the other. “I would have never thought five years ago that I would be playing sled hockey and now I love it.”

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Rachel Grusse