US Women's Sled Hockey Team

Robynne Hill

Born: 1996
Number: 3
Position: Defense
Hometown: Fountain, CO

“Chase your dreams. No matter what your disability is, no matter what struggles you go through, you can do anything in life. If you put your mind and heart into it, go for it.”

Robynne Hill, 21, has been on the USA Women’s Hockey team for about five years and doesn’t plan on leaving until she reaches her dream of making it to the Paralympics. “I will never forget that moment when I went across the world to play hockey with team USA at the age of 17. Being selected to play for the team USA team was the best feeling in the world. “Being able to make it to that elite level and show all those people who said I can’t do it will just prove to them that I can do it and I will make history.”

Hill has Cerebral Palsy, Juvenile degenerative disc disease, and spinal stenosis. She has experienced pain and inflammation in her lower limbs and had to forego stand-up sports, which was very aggravating for this natural athlete. “It is a unique sport and if you find the right team then it just makes everything better.”

Hill shares that in her future when she is no longer apart of the USA Women’s Sled Hockey team, she plans to be a motivational speaker. “I want to motivate kids and show them that life can get hard, but you can overcome all of that. Life doesn’t have to be horrible. Just do it.”

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Robynne Hill