US Women's Sled Hockey Team

Shawna Davidson

Shawna Davidson is the Head Coach for the US Women’s Sled Hockey Team

“I think being able to guide these players and give them the tools, concepts, and ideas and to see it all come together on the ice is very rewarding.”

Shawna Davidson, head coach of the USA Women’s Hockey Team, has a major role as a leader for the team. Davidson became a coach for the women’s hockey team seven years ago when she served on the board of directors for the USA team. She also was a former national player and because of that, it transitioned her into coaching, which led her to help build the Women’s Sledge Hockey Team.

Davidson says that when first coaching she showed respect towards the players by getting on a sled and attempting to sled around the rink.

“To be a positive, strong, female role model, and especially with these women on my sled hockey team, I felt that first, I had to show my respect,” Davidson said. “It meant everything to me.”

After that moment, Davidson had more respect for sled hockey and her brave team. She realized how humbling it was to be able to understand that sled hockey is by no means an “easy sport”.

Throughout the many years that Davidson has coached, she has seen the team grow and flourish. She commends the women for their hard work and dedication to the sport.

“These women inspire me because they don’t want your pity, they don’t want your help, and they’ll get it taken care of. Anyone who steps back and watches them can tell that these women are truly an inspiring group,” said Davidson.

“When you’re with these women, you can’t have a bad day. They’re just the most amazing group of people to be around.”

Shawna Davidson