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The U.S. women's luge hockey team's roster is the list of players selected to represent the team in competitive competition. Rosters are usually made up of experienced and talented players as well as aspiring athletes.

The roster selection process involvesevaluating each player's skill, experience and overall performance. Coaches and coaches look at a variety of factors when making their selections, including speed, quickness, shooting ability and teamwork.

Teamsizes may vary depending on the game and the needs of the team. Typically, a sled hockey roster consists of 10 to 20 players. This allows teams a variety of options in line mix and ensures there are enough players to cover injuries or other suspensions.

Theroster is an important part of a successful U.S. women's sled hockey team because it forms the foundation of the team's competitiveness and success. Squad players work together to achieve a common goal and proudly represent their country.

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